Triple valve replacement??

Posted by carlysmith011 @carlysmith011, Sep 23, 2018

Anyone ever have 3 valves replaced at once with tissue valves? Im having surgery Tuesday and looking at having my pulmonary, aortic and tricuspid valves replaced. How long was your surgery? Any complications? How long were you in the hospital?? Anything to ease my mind?

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@carlysmith011 hi lioness here back in 2005 I had a triple by pass surgery They took veins from my legs After surgery you will have tubes comes g out of your chest while ch is normal for drainage after a day or so the Dr will remove the drainage tube I wont lie to you it hurt I was a n hospital for 5days ,at 4they wanted to discharge me but I told the Dr I didn't feel good ,not any pain,he did blood test ,I was low as n Iron so he sent me home on 5th day with iron pills and others its important you tell Dr you will need 6weeks o f cardio rehabilitation Listen to your Dr.dont overdo.,you,ll be fine. What kind of valve replacement are you haven't ng ?Best od luck


Good luck! Hope all goes great for you! I had just aortic valvle replaced with tissue one 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Onlly complication was I developed a-Fib; was in it 75% of the time a week ago; I think it is getting better and down to about 60% of the time now. Pain is mostly my back! Little pain in chest. 5 days in hospital. I would think replacing 1 or replacing 3 would be no different other than time in surgery! Once closed back up, all the stuff to hurt will be the same as a single valve replacement job I would think. They said I was in surgery 4.5-6.5 hours, depending on who you ask (crazy, I think some think in recovery afterwards counts). I would guess a valve replacement itself is about 30 minutes of the total surgery time, so for you just another hour. Have you seen the valve replacement? Pretty simple looking; cutout the old, stick this in then bend over the metal crimps to hold in place. I am sure it is much more complex, but I bet it is still just 30 m inutes each, so your surgery should be little different than the rest of us with 1 vale replaced. Hope my guessing helps you feel better about it!

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