Trigeminal numbness

Posted by gregk @gregk, Aug 31, 2018

About 3 months ago I awoke with my tongue numb on the right side. The next day the numbness was all over the right side of my face. I've had a CT scan, MRI scan, blood work and I've met with a neurologist. No signs of palsy, MS…nothing. All my blood work is clean. The only symptom is that it feels like the trigeminal nerve on the right side of my face is numb. No pain, just numb.
I had some fatigue and dizzyiess for a bit. Then my PCP, with a consult from a neurologist, prescribe gabapentin. I feel that exacerbated my dizziness, fatigue and now double vision. After my visit with a neurologist he said that there's no reason to be on that so I weened myself off. I've been fine ever since. No fatigue, dizziness, or double vision anymore. But I still have the nerve numbness.
Anybody out there with the same? Any recommendations? Any doctors have a cure?

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Hi Greg,

I've had some issues with the trigeminal nerve too because of extreme muscle tightness on one side of my neck. It's a TMJ type problem and I was grinding out my fillings on one side because of this. With all of this, I also have thoracic outlet syndrome making my neck and chest tight and much worse on one side, and I had a spine disc problem and have had successful surgery for that. Since the spine problem has been corrected, the muscle spasms that cause this kind of trouble are much reduced. I think a physical therapist could help you who is familiar with cervical spine and TMJ issues.


Thanks Jennifer. I will look into that!

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