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Trigeminal numbness

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I too have ha trigeinal neuralgia surgery on my right side. When I awoke from the surgery, I was in the most excruciating pain. All they would give me in the hospital was tylenol. However, it has now been 15 months later, and my tongue is numb, I have blurred vision, the surgery site is still painful, and the right side of my face is still numb. Like you, I was prescribed gabapentin. I am currently taking 1200 mg twice a day. I am fatigued, have little to no appetite as I really cannot taste food. My PCP tells me it takes some time to get over this kind of surgery. I have had a number of different types of surgeries and while the surgery sites did cause some numbness.after the pain subsided, the numbness went away. I'm at a point where I think this is the best it's ever going to be. I don't know where to turn to now.

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@kraison1979 Hello. I'm so sorry to hear your story. Do you feel surgery was the right move or still too soon to tell? I wish you well.

Hi @kraison1979, sorry for your difficult time with the aftermath of your surgery. Is it possible you have an infection at the surgical site since it is still painful? Perhaps there is inflammation or scar tissue causing the deficits from the trigeminal nerve? Do the surgeons or physicians give any explanation? The surgery took place 15 months ago. How much time is needed to get over the surgery, and what does that mean? It takes over 15 months to heal, why?

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