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Trigeminal numbness

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I do still have the address & phone # of where I Had my surgery done. Thanks for the advicee- I will try to get an appointment with a neurologist up here – now that I am living in NY.

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@kraison1979 sounds good. I hope you find a good neurologist to help you. Remember, the more information you give the neurologist the better he or she can help. So gather as much of your records as you can leading up to that surgery. The new doctor may do further testing for guidance. @kraison1979 hang in there. I have palsy of the trochlear nerve as a result of my ruptured AVM. The palsy is causing my double vision. Initially I lost my taste. It took over 2 years to get that back. It was totally unexpected. I don’t know how that happened. At the time I was on the Keto diet. I know the diet has neurological benefits. A friend who had tremors used the diet for weight loss. He noticed his tremors stopped. After a couple of months he got off the diet. That is when the tremors returned. I also had tinnitus prior to my AVM but I noticed that also disappeared. I can’t say the diet definitely attributed but I was pleased. Too bad the neuropathy stayed 😔.

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