Tongue biting while talking

Posted by brianrossrick @brianrossrick, Sep 29 4:17pm

Just started biting my tongue while talking. Never had this before. What is it?

Hello @brianrossrick and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This new change to your speech sounds like you ca

– Biting your tongue: What does it mean?
From the link:
It’s All About the Brain
The biggest reason why you may bite your tongue while you eat is due to coordination. There’s a part of the brain known as the pons that is responsible for controlling habitual actions like biting, chewing, swallowing, and more. It’s an action we don’t really have to think about. We just do it.

Sometimes, the pons gets its signals crossed, and it misses a step in its otherwise perfect coordination. This could be due to an outside distraction – the urge to talk while eating, for example – that drowns out the signals the pons might be sending to help control your tongue.

Does anything sound familiar to this explanation?

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