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Tongue biting while talking

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John, Thank you so much and I apologize for parts of my comment. I live in Las Vegas and there aren't any good teaching hospitals near by. Also being disabled and low income and on minimal social security and medicaid, I don't have many acceptable insurance alternatives or the financial ability to avail myself of most of the options like Mayo, but I am very grateful for your interaction as well as all the information available on this board. I'm wondering if you could also shed some light on another issue I'm having with posting a comment/topic. While I've successfully posted a few fairly short comments, when trying to post a lengthy comment recounting my story/experience similar to the topic's poster, the page just keeps loading/spinning and won't load the comment or page and I have to refresh the tab losing the narrative or open a new tab and try again. Have tried to post my long comment numerous times to no avail. Is there some kind of character limit for comments/replies/topic posts? I see a notation when posting a new topic about a limit but notice many of the original topics posted are very long, so a bit confused?

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@lvnv89131, No need to apologize. We all have been there once or twice. I'm glad no one was around a couple of weeks ago when I got a letter from Social Security saying I was no longer eligible to receive payments. A lengthy phone call and I had that straigtened out, some screw up on their end. Then the following week I received a bill to pay for my Medicare monthly plan since they couldn't deduct it from my Social Security and another lengthy phone call to straigten that out.

I don't think you are alone losing a really long post. I think it's happened to others also and might be due to a couple of things, one being their Internet connect having a problem or possible the web browser they are using to view Connect. What type of web browser and device/computer are you using to view Connect?

Sometimes if I know I am doing a long post, I will use Windows Notepad to type in the text and when I'm happy with what I have written, I will copy and paste it into a post. If you are on a computer with Windows you might give that a try.