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Tongue biting while talking

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Welcome @lvnv89131, I think you could be on to something if by enlarged tongue it may be due to swelling or inflammation. Here's more information on the topic — Swollen Tongue: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis: https://www.healthline.com/health/tongue-problems

Do any of the symptoms or causes in the article sound familiar?

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Thanks for the Welcome and the link, by the way, how does one provide links, I tried in a comment and it was disallowed? There are several symptoms that are close or familiar but some of the other related symptoms or diagnoses don't match, or have already been explored, or as many find, our dr's don't believe and/or won't pursue. I don't have a smooth tongue, if anything more or a rough geographic tongue. I do have swollen salivary glands that an internist and oncologist were at first impression sure it was a lymph node issue and possibly nhl, as I have swollen lymph nodes in my armpit, etc. but after a p.e.t. dismissed swollen areas under neck as a salivary issue, I was dismissed on all counts and no further diagnosis or interventions have been given even with periodic sore throat issues at the swollen areas and other immunity type issues. If anything I hyper -salivate which is the opposite of some of the tongue and salivary gland issues. I have puzzling off and on irregular immune lab values which for years some have speculated to be lupus but I keep getting the run around to Rheumatologists who refer me to Immunologists who refer me right back to Rheumatologists. Right now I'm most suffering from cardiology and neurology issues that I'm almost 100 percent certain are adrenaline issues but can't get anyone to do a thorough investigation and after years of trying as exhausted and nearly given up. A post on here titled "Adrenaline spikes: Med detective needed, award given" is very similar to some of my issues and what drove me to this site. I tried to post a lengthy recount of my own nightmare but no matter what I tried the site wouldn't load the page and after many tries I gave up after exhaustion. I'm sure someone or many will very kindly say things like "Keep Hope" "Keep Trying" "Be your own advocate" but I've done all this and I'm nearly tapped out. I'm a disabled young senior male who was in very good physical health in general, have always exercised and eaten healthy and taken supplements, never smoked or taken drugs, till recently was on no prescriptions and up till 10 years ago only had a social drink maybe 3-4 times a year on special occasions but haven't even had one drink in the last decade, but am now very incapacitated and barely able to take care of myself and have no family, friends or support system of any kind…can you hear the violin accompaniment in the background? Sorry, for feeling sorry for myself. If nothing else I hope to share a little of the research and experiences that I have, when I'm cognoscente/coherent and feel able to do so.