Tight band around ribs

Posted by DeeDee @dreamin, Jun 12, 2017

My mom had tripe bypass surgery in May. She is 80. It has be a little over 4 weeks. Recovery has been slow. One of her main symptoms at this time is a feeling like she has a tight band around the bottom of her rib cage. Just wondering if this is familiar to anyone else who has had this surgery. Is there anything that will relieve it?

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Hello @dreamin,

Welcome to Connect! My sincere apologies for the tardy reply, but we’re so glad that you’ve joined us.

There are quite a number of Connect member who can share their experiences with multiple bypass heart surgery and recovery. I’m tagging @jackj @uncbball @contender1 @retairforceman @jc2buds @margie11 @yarrum @michael123 @callalily74 @broncomom @slavinray @ronbee @thankful @cynaburst @lyndamm to please join this conversation.

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@dreamin, has your mom gone through any cardiac rehabilitation after her surgery? Here is some information about the Mayo Clinic cardiac rehab program:


@dreamin I’d like to add my welcome to Mayo Connect. We are glad that you have posted this interesting question. While time is a wonderful healer (especially when recovery from such a major surgery). I wonder if your mom’s doctor is aware of this discomfort? If so, has the doctor offered any explanations? Teresa

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