THR Left & Right at same time

Posted by troxy @troxy, Dec 4, 2016

Hi everyone, I’m 66 yrs old and just recently been told I need THR on both. I am just starting a new job. This couldn’t have come at the worst time. How long is recouperation period? What is pain like?

Hello troxy, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding a total hip replacement of both sides.

I would like you to meet @beatricefay, @mnpat @grandmacheryl @popolopo @bobg10, @tallteri, and @sma1952 who have recently talked about having hip replacements and have had differing experiences.

I have personally had a TKR of the right knee. My recovery was long and arduous, however, my surgeon said it was an extreme case and one of the worst recoveries he had seen. That, combined with the fact that knees are much trickier, the situations cannot be compared. But, it does mean that I can relate to your concern over having the replacements. I was told during my physician visits that hips have a much quicker recovery than knee replacements. I have a few family friends who have gone through them and their recovery was very positive. However, every person is different, which is why I thought it was important to bring a few different experiences in to this discussion.

@troxy, what has your physician told you about the expected recuperation period? Would you be able to get the appropriate amount of time off of work depending on how long that expected time period is or would it be possible to ease yourself in to your new position by working part time?


Would love comments on your experiences


Would love comments on your experiences

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@87654321 welcome to Connect. I moved your message to this existing discussion where @troxy was also asking about the recovery period after a hip replacement. I hope she can share her experience with you. You may also wish to read this discussion where @leigh60 @grandmacheryl @tallteri and others talk about recovery expectations.

– THR, Anterior Approach: 3 week mark

In this video, Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Mary O’Connor Reviews the Rehabilitation and Expectations

When will you be getting your surgery?

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