Joint replacement in big toe.

Posted by nursejudith @nursejudith, Jun 13 5:15pm

I’m a 72 year old female that needs a joint replacement in my big toe. I was told by the surgeon that I will need the joint replaced approximately every 5 years for the rest of my life! Has anyone else had this type of joint replacement surgery? How have you faired with it? Does the surgery actually relieve the pain and awkward mobility problems?

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Hi @nursejudith, I was not even aware that they could do joint replacement for the big toe. @rdelfin posted in another discussion about having a joint replacement done for a big toe and may be able share their experience with the surgery. I also found a patient story from 2016 that may be helpful – Small implant relieves big toe pain:

Are you still trying to decide on the surgery or do you have it scheduled?


Hi John and thank you for the reply. I will evidently be moving forward with the joint replacement in my big toe. I’m biding my time for as long as I can retain my mobility because of the five year joint replacement necessity. That’s to me is so often to be having replacement joint surgery. Thank you for the links.

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