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Tetralogy of Fallot

Posted by @gcatalfamo, Jun 13, 2017

When my twin daughters were a little under a year I was told they had boot shaped hearts. The doctor did a ton of testing on them and other than their hearts being shaped like a boot and an innocent heart murmur he said they are perfectly healthy. I tried doing research and everything kept saying Tetralogy of Fallot but their doctor side they do not have that. Just special hearts and they will be fine. Has this every happened to anyone. I hope he is right, but as a mother I need a second opinion. They are now 5 and will start sports soon and I do not want something to be wrong and me not know.


Hello @gcatalfamo and welcome to Mayo Connect. Thank you for posting this interesting question about your twin daughters’ heart problems. I would invite you to look at a Mayo video presentation on congenital heart disease. It appears as if there were some questions in this discussion about Tetralogy of Fallot. Also, on Mayo’s website there is some information about this disorder In addition, one grandmother. @billmichalski, wrote about it on Mayo Connect. I’d also like to connect you with adult survivors of tetralogy of Fallot: @ricke62 @pfsinger and @4n6champ. I hope that they will enter this conversation with us. In addition Jimmy Kimmel recently revealed his son Billy was born with tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, here is the link, Other members of our Mayo Connect community will most likely join in this conversation as well. In the meantime, please keep in touch with our Mayo Connect community and let us know how we can support you as you look for answers to your questions. Teresa

Hello, sorry I’m new to Mayo Connect. I’m from Singapore and my son (now 5 months old) was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot with Doubly committed VSD when he was born. He has had a 4mm BT shunt inserted. He also has a single coronary artery. I was wondering how I can get a second opinion from the doctors at Mayo Clinic where my parent in law’s are based.

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