Taking meds on time made big difference for me

Posted by mothergoose76 @mothergoose76, Aug 19, 2020

Hi all, I have recently begun setting my iPad alarm for the morning and evening times to take my meds (3 for anxiety and depression) and what a difference in my mood! I know that taking meds on a regular schedule is always directed, but I can't be alone in doing it my way until forced to change. The change was motivated by my dog! She began having grand mal seizures recently and her meds must be given every 12 hours. So for her, I began the iPad alarm thing, thinking the "well, might as well coordinate with my meds." It's true I guess- DOG is indeed my co-pilot.

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Hi @mothergoose76, That puts a new spin on pet therapy! I am sorry to hear about your dog, but so great to know that you spun this challenge with your pup into a positive outcome for you and can focus on a new habit.

I love Mayo's pet therapy. I put a link below if you would like to read it.

Would you be willing to share what you are taking and what your regimen was before you started the alarms?


Sure. My morning meds (7:30 a.m.) are Busporone, Celexa and Wellbutrin. Evening meds (7:30p.m.) are Wellbutrin, Pramipaxole and Clonapin. (The latter two are for restless leg syndrome compounded by peripheral neuropathy after chemo for breast cancer 14 years ago. Before setting the alarm, I just took them when I remembered to. Sometimes late morning and, worse, near bedtime. By that time my legs were already kicking! My dog is doing great on Fenobarbitol. She gets her meds same time as I do so....win/win!

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