Sweat that is ruining my life(Help)

Posted by pl4311 @pl4311, Nov 26, 2018

Hi everyone, I would like to apologize in advance for such a lengthy post but to start off,I’m 18 years old 5’11 175 lbs male and this past year I’ve been dealing with excessive sweating usually from the armpit and inside the buttcrack area. It didn’t bother me that much until On October 24, I started having this burning/heat sensation on the upper buttcrack part or i would say my tailbone area. That area would sweat so much and I’ve observed the sweat occurs when I walk outside,run do any physical activity and also during urination. After I’m done urinating, I would feel the sweat coming out of that tailbone area. Ever since october my sweat overall has become alot worse. My armpits would sweat even in the cold and that heat sensation I’ve been feeling in my tailbone, i have also started feeling it in between my groin area. It would also sweat there when i walk. This between the groin area sweat started probably on Nov 24. These excessive sweating symptoms have made me so anxious and depressed. I can’t even wear anything but black and white shirts and basketball shorts or people will notice the sweat has seeping in my clothes. Additionally, I think this may be related but at the beginning of the year probably late February. My testicle area on the left started feeling pain. Then one day, I peed myself while in class without even realizing it. Good thing no one else noticed and i quickly changed my pants. So I went to the doctors and said everything was fine. I think they x rayed the lower back area and found no issues. Then all hell wouldn’t stop as the following months later I felt a small not growing lump on my neck which the doctor thinks is a lymph node. And now it’s November and during the 16th, I noticed two hard lumps on the back of my head but I think it might be because i had a bad cold but I have had it. I’m visiting the doctor’s tomorrow to consult about my excessive sweat and if any of these may be related to it. I didn’t even excessively sweat last year only this year when all of these happened. I don’t know if I should see a neurologist,urologist,dermatologist or get a biopsy. What makes me so scared is what if this is lymphoma, a type of cancer, an infection or anything uncurable… What if my excessive sweating on the tailbone and pretty much my body swear will never be cured. All these make me so scared. Makes me sad how all those people my age are enjoying life while I suffer these delibirating symptoms. Does anyone have any idea what this tailbone,groin and armpit sweat could possibly be? (I know its hyperhidrosis but could it be from another cause)

Hi Caine…my sympathy goes out to you. When I went to Mayo in Rochester they tested me for everything and came up with an idea…It may be hormonal. They put me on hormones…I am a woman…I do feel better…not perfect, but better. It took about 2-3 months to see any improvement. Stress I think also can be a factor in the whole picture. I would consider going to your doc and suggestion they do a hormone panel….it may be your answer. I hope so for your sack.

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