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Sweat that is ruining my life(Help)

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No i didn't have any surgery for the cyst,it healed by itself.and yes my main discomfort is the feeling that why my sweat is extra on that special area.the boy that you talked about has same problem as me,i just graduate from high school and my family gave me some sort of solution like you said😂,thank you for your message and sorry for my not so good english

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Mothers~great minds. I got a chuckle out of your mom saying the same thing. Are you sure you don’t live next door to me?! 😂
But seriously, if your cyst is gone and you don’t have any other health issues going on, then this might just be your ‘sweat zone’. Sometimes we outgrow these issues or we just adapt to them.
You can even try an antiperspirant back in that area to see if it helps. That doesn’t have to be limited to under arms. When you search for those products online or in a store, make sure it is for an antiperspirant, not just a deodorant. One actually prevents perspiring the other protects against the odor. It’s fine if the product contains both, but your focus is on anti-perspiring. I think some ideas were mentioned in the article I gave you.

Good luck to you and I’m happy you found Mayo Clinic Connect. Don’t be a stranger. Now that you’re a member feel free look around at other potential areas that might be of interest. I won’t be a mom and ask what’s next for you now that you’ve graduated…haha. But if you want to tell me, I’m all ears! (And your English is just fine!! ☺️)