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Sweat that is ruining my life(Help)

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Hello im 18 and i have exact same problems,i'm a pessimist too and i wanna know what happened to you and how are you in genereal right now?

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Hi @ppp. Having an overactive perspiration problem is the pits, isn’t it? Pun intended! I suffered from this for most of my teen and early adult life. Growing up, I wore clothes with printed fabrics that wouldn’t show the huge wet stains on my back or under arms. PE in high school, where we had to learn social dancing, was horrifically embarrassing having to hold hands with strangers. Anxiety played a big roll at the time.
As an adult female, I learned a few tricks like finding some antiperspirants that actually do work. There were times I applied it across my forehead under my makeup to keep me from perspiring at special events. So I feel your pain.

I found an interesting article this morning talking about excessive sweating and some of the potential causes and treatments to help make life normal again. Occasionally there can be underlying medical causes. So it wouldn’t hurt to talk this over with your primary care provider.
A dermatologist is your best bet for getting long term treatment options.
Here’s the article that was on Yahoo today. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/signs-of-excessive-sweating-222345169
I hope you find some relief! Have you discussed this with a doctor?