Summary of Icosapent Ethyl (IPE) Vascepa Studies (2023)

Posted by mayoconnectuser1 @mayoconnectuser1, Nov 8 8:23am

Hi All,

Below review of previous studies is a lot to unpack, but a good read. Here's the conclusion:

"While the mechanism is not thoroughly understood, evidence shows that IPE is efficacious in reducing risk of CV events in those with elevated TG levels, and many global medical societies recognize IPE as an important therapy in CV prevention and treatment. IPE with its 99.99% pure composition of EPA, is the first fish oil or omega-3 ethyl ester to show these results. With each new analysis, new hypotheses are made as to the reasons for its efficacy. Major clinical studies are ongoing and will hopefully provide more insight and data to further support the possibility of IPE serving as an alternative option for patients who cannot tolerate statins or who require additional therapy for CV risk reduction or reduction of TG levels."

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