Suggested Ways to Prevent Anxiety & Sources of Help If Needed

Posted by fiesty76 @fiesty76, Apr 4, 2020

My sil, as CEO of a medical research group, sends daily messages to his organization. A few of his thoughts and suggestions I thought might be worth sharing with our group:

“As a surgical oncologist I told patients and their family members that depression and anxiety in response to stressful situations were as common as the common cold. These feelings should be acknowledged and even treated if they were felt to be getting beyond the control of those experiencing it.”

“Prevention is always better than treatment when possible. Here are some ways to minimize the stress associated with our current situation.

  • Set a limit on media consumption, including social media, local or national news.
  • Stay active. Make sure to get enough sleep and rest. Stay hydrated and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol. Eat healthy foods when possible. Get out if possible for a walk, maintaining social distance.
  • Connect with loved ones and others who may be experiencing stress about the outbreak. Talk about your feelings and enjoy conversation unrelated to the outbreak.
  • Get accurate health information from reputable sources. For health information about COVID-19, please contact the Centers for Disease Control at or your local healthcare provider.

If you or someone around you is feeling depressed or anxious in response to this situation and its associated relative social isolation, and feel that it is getting to a level that you are struggling to deal with by yourself or with those around you, here are some resources:

  • The national Disaster Distress Helpline is available to anyone experiencing emotional distress related to COVID-19. Call 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746 to speak to a caring counselor.
  • For other coping tools and resources for yourself and yours, visit the Vibrant Emotional Health’s Safe Space at

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@feisty76 I cannot stress enough to TURN OFF the stream of information – I strictly limit my time here and on other media. I fill the hours doing – sew masks, clean closets and drawers (one a day), read, paint, study Spanish, communicate with friends and family…
I have a dear friend down the lane who has TV on incessantly, and periodically throughout the day, her disabled husband is at my door asking me to come & distract her because she is getting so distraught. I go over and we take a walk, with or without her dog. We have also developed a habit of everyone nearby grabbing a beverage every evening as the news begins and having a (socially distant) happy hour on one of our patios – occasionally banning all stressful topics as needed. Last night my husband cranked up the 60's & 70's tunes on a Blue Tooth speaker, and some of us danced in the road for a bit.
I strongly suggest, if weather permits at all, that social time on the patio or driveway is possible and helps a lot with isolation. In some pics I have seen, people even tape or chalk marks at least 6 feet apart for chair placement. My daughter sits on her balcony in a sweatshirt and chats with neighbors on either side and below. If that's not possible, Zoom chats are a help – same daughter has been in Covid-19 quarantine for 19 days (1 more to go!) – this week she played Farkle with her cousins and read books to her nephews. Our family group texts every day to check on each other – I have one group with my kids, another with my and am just now setting up another with several close friends. It's just another way to connect when we can't actually see one another…

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