Sugar from my skin?!

Posted by dowagerginger @dowagerginger, Jun 16, 2020

It is not just sugar. I am a person who literally embodies "you are what you eat" but the effect normally requires unusual consumption amount of garlicky, buttery, fishy, smokey or sugary substance. But in recent years my skin gets sandy sometimes and it aggravates my OCD behaviors in my autism.
If I dig out my mom's reader my blood sugar is its steady 90-99 that has been my usual regardless of intake with exception of my 15th pregnancy that resulted in my 11 lb middle child
(large children run in my dad's family, my daughter was 10, son1 was 11+ and 6 week premature son was 9.14 ..only the one pregnancy had sugar effect in the 2 weeks before delivery. It could jump to 200 without insulin. But I pass out lower than 70).

I don't consume an unusual amount of sweets in my daily diet though I am a heavy eater of starches and other convertible foods.
The grain/sand locations are the usual sweat zones (joint folds, hairline, eyebrows, behind ears, entire chest and …forearms( excluding hands, upper arms). Usually show up random but always after severe stress or physical strain or unusual amount of direct sun exposure. If not brushed off constant it will become sticky..yuk! like day old glazed donuts.
Meds are Prozac for anxiety control, Prelone&Flonase for asthma/allergy control.Also various puffers I use rarely. For Vestibular and cluster Migraines; I have 15mg generic immediate release Morphine sulphate (allergic to vicidin both hydracodones and acetaminphen) which are normally expired before I use them all… frequency is about 4 times a year. Last two years using gabapentin to lessen length and severity of vestibular vertigo episodes.

To help narrow likely cause I will put some info: I am fairly healthy (low cholesterol, low blood pressure, slightly overweight, etc) except the forementioned conditions and hereditary haemochromotosis. I am 55, female with clockworks menses and ovulation (though I did skip both Dec and didnt ovulate Feb). I have a shit ton of allergies, most mild. I don't drink alcohol, occasionally drink canned beverages, I do not smoke/vape ANY substances. Aspirin or guifanesin is usually enough to address any mundane illness. And I have zero immunity to measles.. will catch it EVERY exposure. caught chicken pox 5 times but not ever again since my 11th pregnancy. I pay attention to my joint health since I take so many steroids and have naturally high male hormone levels. been tested twice for goiter. family history does not have any teetotalers having health issues except branch with HFE. My mother and I carry both mutations as does one of my sons.

It seems benign but is very distracting.. makes my clothes and hair soil quicker, as well as drawing insects of both lovely and scary nature…(bees in my car; cloud of moths using me as porchlight; butterflies always bugging me and the weird tiny (hummingbird size) yellow finch/thrushes that come here in the snowbird summer. i have to throw them out of my house once or twice a week. Is it some kind of weird digestion problem I should be checked for or maybe I am destined to be a magnet to fluttery things? :c

@dowagerginger, this article might be a place to start:
– What Is Sebum and Why Does It Build Up on Skin and Hair?

Have you ever talked to your doctor about this? She/he would be the best person to know who to refer you to; dermatologist, GI specialist, endocrinologist, or?

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