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dowagerginger (@dowagerginger)

Sugar from my skin?!

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@dowagerginger, this article might be a place to start:
– What Is Sebum and Why Does It Build Up on Skin and Hair? https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/sebum

Have you ever talked to your doctor about this? She/he would be the best person to know who to refer you to; dermatologist, GI specialist, endocrinologist, or?

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Replies to "@dowagerginger, this article might be a place to start: - What Is Sebum and Why Does..."

My skin is mostly normal-dry. My hair is dry.
An appointment that caught an episode was rare, but 2x the condition was observed was verified and kicked up to specialist that triggered GTT and Goiter test with no definable results. The dermatologist at time did find a benign cancerous spot behind my knee that was removed (a decade+ ago) as an aside. not to a GI. I often see hematologist, neurologist, and endocrinologist ever 4-6 years for my hereditary baggage. I saw a pulmonary specialist and joint specialist as a infant til I was about 4. No stable PHP since 2014.

I also do take hydroxy as chelator and the sand has iron as highest present after glucose, sodium and potassium. Im always tested for goiters and Addisons since I got a mild adams apple my teens and became famine wolf with food, I pork down a minimum 3k calorie or I will literally faint with hunger if not go to sleep mode, if active it is not unusual for my day total to hit 7500-7800.

I was mostly wondering if this benign (as of yet) annoyance is more common or if a group of people with non diabetic ailments share this X

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