Stopping Clopidogrel?

Posted by don45 @don45, Jul 25, 2022

I had 3 coronary stents placed in 2005. During this procedure a 4th stent was stuck and I suffered a heart attack. I have been on Clopidogrel 75mg daily ever since. I left my original Cardiologist because I no longer trusted him. The Cardiologist I have been with for 5yrs. now is starting to concern me (I just found out he is on staff with the original Cardiologist). He just told me he wants me to stop taking my Clopidrogrel, no explanation as to why? I am 77 yrs old and up until this incident I had never been hospitalized or sick. I kept my self in good shape.

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@don45 I,m so sorry to hear this .I had triple bypass but veins from leg. My arteries where to small for a stent . I can only tell you to look up a qualified cardiologist in the AMA , American Medical Society to see what is available in your area specify cardiologist in the website.

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