So scared: Brain tumor on watch and wait has grown

Posted by jkenser @jkenser, Dec 27, 2016

Hello everyone. I have been doing the “watch and wait” approach on a 1cm non-enhancing tumor in my right temporal lobe for the past 2 and a half years. On my MRI last week the tumor enhanced for the first time. I do not know what type of tumor it is because we were just watching it… Now I am headed to Mayo in the morning to meet with a neurosurgeon.. My life has been flipped upside down within a matter of days. Has anyone else had a tumor in their right temporal lobe? I ask for lots of prayers of complete healing for all of us xoxoxox


Thank you everyone for the prayers. It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. I had my appointment last Wednesday the 28th and was scheduled for a right temporal lobe resection on Friday December 30th. It has been one week since surgery. Thank you Lord that they were able to remove the tumor. I am still waiting/praying for my pathology reports and am praying for whatever it was that it was benign and will never come back. I had the best team in neurosurgery work on me and in such quick time. God literally answered all of our prayers. I am so thankful for everyone at Mayo. Being in the healthcare field myself I can tell you that this experience has forever shaped the way I will practice medicine. Nurses and doctors have so much power over their patients fears, I had no idea how much of a difference they can make until undergoing this experience. I think I am healing well. I have never had any surgery before so am still unsure as to what to expect. I can tell you that I woke up from surgery knowing who I am, and how my family is, which is what I prayed for. I am walking, talking, and eating.. all blessings. The pain has not been too bad although the right side of my head is numb and sore. We are just praying for continued healing and great results. Thank you everyone for the kind words. The Mayo clinic is such an amazing place and I am truly blessed to have gotten in as quickly as I did.

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What a relief your surgery is behind you and you are doing well!! Who was your neurosurgeon at Mayo? My sister is flying there from Atlanta the end of July for an opinion and hopefully treatment plan for multiple meningiomas.
Thank You!


This whole brain tumor diagnosis is so scary! No concrete answers! I was diagnosed with an inoperable ogliodendroglioma over 2 years ago it responded well to temador and shrunk in half! I have no deficits but seem to live in fear lately! Any input from anybody?

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