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So confused

Posted by @ellyons87 in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 28, 2012

Well I just had a very long post typed out, and I was almost done and my phone shut off. So I'm going to make this short. Does anyone with Fibromyalgia feel like their bones are aching severely? Do you ever feel "normal"? I was diagnosed 4 months ago. I haven't felt one day of full relief for over 8 months now. I just want to know if this is typical. Chronic daily headaches and facial pain, sometimes feels like my head is bruised even though it isn't. Heart palpitations. Breathing issues. Swollen lymph nodes. All over severe body pain daily, worst in shoulder, neck and collarbone region. I often feel like I'm being strangled. I feel like I'm dying daily. Depersonalization/derealization. Want to crawl out of my skin. Can't relax. Muscle spasms. Extreme eye floater. Ringing in ears. I'm never comfortable. Tmj. Diarrhea or constipation. cramps that feel like menstrual cramps. I currently feel like someone jabbed a giant dagger where my neck and shoulder meet. I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing these things daily? I am becoming skeptical that it's just Fibromyalgia. I just want to put my mind to rest.

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Posted by @ellyons87, Oct 28, 2012

Anyone? Please


Posted by @kimmy63, Dec 10, 2012

I was told 20 yrs ago I had Fibromyalgia I thought it was a madeup disease when Dr didn't know what was really wrong.You didn't mention any mouth dryness and eyes? I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome about 6 yrs ago. Fibromyalgia pain was actually Sjogrens. Hope this helps.


Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 31, 2012

Dear Ellyons87 -
Mayo Clinic offers some information online about Fibromyalgia available here:

I'm sorry i'm not much more help...


Posted by @ellyons87, Oct 31, 2012

Thank you. I am trying to find specific people's experiences, but I appreciate it. God bless.


Posted by @krissoetaert, Nov 2, 2012

Find a good doctor that understand fibromyalgia. I have had this disease for over 15 years. Educate yourself and join an online support group. It is tough. Find what helps you and don't listen to all the "experts" out there that don't have a clue. Listen to those that are dealing with fibromyalgia. We know how it feels.


Posted by @brooksie, Nov 2, 2012

Fibromyagia is just one of the nusense of life that I deal with and I also have had it for over 15 years. Have my good and bad days but always find that I am thankful. Therefor, creates the best meds that no doctor can compete with and I would bet that they could relate. Our mind is our strength to happier living regardless of our circumstances.


Posted by @moondancer55, Nov 7, 2012

When i was first diagnosed, i had been having SO many of those issues. For a year or so before being diagnosed, i was so sick most of the time that i thought i was dying. Once i was finally diagnosed with fibro, finally got to the point i could keep the pain pills down, i got over alot of those symptoms..
just took time.


Posted by @funkynotes, Nov 12, 2012

Go to the pain rehab center at St. Mary's-Genrose 2nd floor. There is a diagram outlining fibro on the wall there. Says its all mental. How you deal with it will be your saving grace. Good luck!

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Posted by @mardi123, Oct 23, 2013

Hi fellow sufferer, or rather fellow 'fibrite' desperately coping day to day. I've had this inherited disease all my 67 years but was only diagnosed about 8 years ago, because it was so poorly understood. Doctors are only now beginning to comprehend the complicated "syndrome of symptoms" involved. Each of us has a collection of symptoms unique to us, but we can compare notes and find out what helps us get through the day. I would first get a doctor who understands the disease and is willing to learn more about what helps you live a better life. Your health care team should also include supportive friends and family (or a support group); massage, if affordable; nutrition advice; and pain management, among others. Searching websites will give you more good information and more first hand stories with good helping hints to bring to your doctor. Don't stop trying to achieve your best life.

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