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ellyons87 (@ellyons87)

So confused - fibromyalgia and bones aching severely

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Anyone? Please

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I was told 20 yrs ago I had Fibromyalgia I thought it was a madeup disease when Dr didn’t know what was really wrong.You didn’t mention any mouth dryness and eyes? I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome about 6 yrs ago. Fibromyalgia pain was actually Sjogrens. Hope this helps.

Dear ellyons87,
Unfortunately you are not alone and there are more questions than answers. I am seventy two was diagnosed about forty years ago and up until two years ago I was able to smile and pretend I was fine most of the time.Then I got a virus which was bad enough to go to the emergency room.Gradually I started with tingling and drenching sweats,electric shock pain-basically I now have body pain and burning from the bottoms of my feet to the hair on my head.It’s the body from hell. I have to laugh when the doctor asks if I am depressed.Fibromyalgia is not nice,.Thank God that research is being done so that possibly my grandchildren may fair better with new treatments.