Small vessel Ischemic disease

Posted by lhopper123 @lhopper123, Oct 7, 2017

Since I found out about this disease my whole life it’s really change dramatically. I don’t like what I became irritated, I’m snap easy to anyone my blood pressure is an control Doctor say I’m to your to have it.

Hoping to find answers or helpful info , i started seeing a neuro as the neuropathy in right leg getting worse, with that said i now have numbness n weakness in both arms, its hard to walk, or use hands, memory and vision getting worse along with depression? I wake up off balance and haft to “get my marbles “ together upon waking. Here’s the notes i brought to neuro : Numbness is both arms right leg . Pain right side body . Stand or sit hurt in back then get light headed n dizzy kinda . Always haft to adjust body to get comfortable. Muscles in arms n legs . Hands weaker always adjusting like legs. Gotta keep turning right leg sometimes foot burns on bottom and numb. At night cant lay on right side hurts n put pillow between legs and most nights up late makes me cry and makes me feel crazy . Left arm also has to be free ?. Middle back constant hurt now past few weeks, leaning forward helps some but hurts leg. I cant keep up with anyone always haft to lay leaning back on bed no kitchen chairs , has to have cushion no pressure on butt or back . Right hand n foot stays cold most of time wake up off balance. Had vitamin D n B12 deficiency almost year ago. Vision decreased. Sometimes a crawling feel on arms ? Body stiff n all muscles hurt. Hard to use hands ir hold things alot of times. He is looking for MS, is this familiar to anyone else with chronic ischemic small vessel disease? Sorry its long I’m losing my mind and I’m scared.. thank you. I don’t have high bp or diabetes



Hi everyone,

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