Sjogren's, Hashimoto's and Thyroid Dysfunction: Got questions

Posted by judithmhol @judithmhol, Jun 3, 2020

I was diagnosed with both of these autoimmune diseases last year. Due to thyroid dysfunction. Or the thyroid dysfunction was due to the auto immune diseases. No one’s been able to tell me which comes first? But I’ve had everything from hives all over my back, to scalp irritations and horrible itching, the skin on my face has aged five years in the last year it seems as though. At any rate I also have been on a PPI acid inhibitor, which depleted any Vitamin/enzyme Resources I might’ve had due to the lack of stomach acid. I have had to take a crash course in thyroid medicine and I’ll kinds of things. I wonder if anyone out there has gone through anything like this I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Have you had celiac disease blood panel testing? It is connected to both of the diagnoses you mention and is often not considered by doctors, even in this day. Celiac affects all systems and doctors aren't aware of that fact so don't order the tests. Look to, and for information about it.


Hi @judithmhol, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It's not uncommon to have multiple autoimmune conditions or clusters. I've also added this discussion to the Autoimmune Diseases group as well as the skin group.

I'm tagging @lbrooks12000 @brenda88 @kyjeanne and @rarelybees2889 to bring them into this discussion because they too have been diagnosed with both Sjogren's and Hashimoto's. You mention related skin issues and GI issues, so I'm also going to bring in @zenk @astaingegerdm and @kimspr3 who are talking about a related issue here:
– Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Hives

Judith, you mention thyroid medication. What medication are you currently taking? What are you using to manage the skin itching and irritation?


In reply to judithmhol I didn’t get a chance to read all ur reply’s I am going through a lot of the same I’m sorry u are dealing with all of this I have had hashimotosq forever now am having other auto immune symptoms I hope u find help


@judithmhol -It certainly is an unpleasant diagnosis , However, it is not a that uncommon to have two or more different autoimmune disorders. Your immune system is working against your body. Your thyroid dysfunction is most likely due to the autoimmune attack on your thyroid gland.
Have you found out what causes your itching?
I have had gastrointestinal autoimmune illness. I have closely followed my daughter’s struggle with autoimmune diseases that started suddenly a couple of years ago. She had low thyroid first. She then was diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten intolerance. Her diet was definitely restricted then. Soon after she developed multiple food allergies.
Her older sister has similar, but somewhat milder.
Thyroid disease ( Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) and celiac disease often occur together.
Do you have any specialists involved in your care?


I’m sorry u are going through all of this nastiness I have had hashimotos for years and now have ichthyosis and Barrett’s esophagus had anotherskin disorder but never did find out what it was my face and head swelled up I am on high doses of poi and am extremely tired so yes there are more of us good luck


@judithmol Just a little reminder. Some AI diseases are Primary, Systemic, Hereditary, and mutate rapidly. One must always be prepared to be surprised by the mutation, or other disease, or bodily spread. For instance, I started off with a simple Fukuyama Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and now know I am dealing with at least on over-arching disease that impacts every part of my body and mind and psyche. Gelsolin hits every tissue, organ and sensation somehow; Barrett's, whatever.. At first it seems as if it is basically a skin disease, or muscular dystrophy, or even mumps. However, It eventually shows major symptoms and signs on the skin, including nails, hair, RA. face, eyelids, lips, nasal, everything. Now I have what looks like shingles on my head, swollen internals, everything. Even a few doctors have said things like "Gelsolin is an internal organ issue, and you have this leatherized skin on your arms and on your behind, therefore you have something else." BULL! With any Primary, Systemic, Hereditary, and mutation AI, just keep looking for issues you need to address. Like Sjogren's, or nephrotic or nephritic kidneys, or pulmonary edema lungs or whatever. NEVER assume you have corralled the whole thing, no matter what your doctor says.

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