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Simple tricks to help you lose weight

Posted by @elizahaywood in Women's Health, Mar 12, 2013

Any recommendations?

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Posted by @piglit, Mar 12, 2013

Hi any dietary recommendations should be checked by your gp first to make sure that there are no drug interactions. Aversil contains green tea which I myself can't take as I'm on warfarin andit's high in potassium K It prevents the warfarin from working in the way it should. I'm not against herbal remedies but we all who take medication should be aware of interactions.

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Posted by @hrsaic, Nov 20, 2013

There are no tricks for losing weight. Eat less, eat more healthily, exercise more. That is simple, yet hard to do. This publication, free from the government can help you with nutrition information and goal setting for weight loss:

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