Severe heart palpitations

Posted by mikeyp @mikeyp, Nov 25, 2016

Hi Everyone, whew, where do I start ? I’ve been to 6 cardiologists, ( 2 were electrophysiologists ) over the last 11 months and basically I have them all scratching their heads on why I get REALLY bad heart palps, and I mean BAD ones to where it feels like someone punched you in the chest an hour ago, that’s how it feels if you can imagine having that happen to you and then I get light-headed and disorientated to where I just want to sit and not talk or move for an hour or more until I get back to normal, usually this takes a few hours. Yes I get them THAT bad. I’m hoping that this group can help me because I’m at the end of my rope. One electrophysiologist said what I described to him was ” impossible ” to be happening, I’m really starting to wonder if I was born on another planet, I can’t be the only person in the world with the heart palps that I have.

Mine basically come in two stages, I feel a pressure on the left side of my heart and then a strong thump in the heart itself, this happens within 2 seconds and then it’s gone until the next time, no it doesn’t happen all day, mine come as fast as they go but when them come it’s like a Mike Tyson punch. I usually get these about once or twice a day. I’ve done every test imaginable, Nuclear Stress Test, Treadmill Stress Test, 2 heart & neck angiograms, 2 twenty four hour Holter Monitors, Echocardiogram, and numerous EKG’s and blood tests and every single test comes back absolutely normal, so ( as one cardiologist put it ) ” If we can’t diagnose what’s wrong we can’t treat it ” That makes sense but I’m still going through this with no new info, no meds, no nothing, I have the same knowledge that I have of whats wrong with me that I did when this all started 11 months ago and that is NOTHING at all, no more knowledge, no meds, nothing.

Here’s more info on me, I ” had ” CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, (13q14 deletion ) they caught it fast and treated it with FCR chemo and within 3 months ( not 6 months which is standard ) I was in full remission, if you don’t understand what this means I’ll just put it this way, if you HAD to get leukemia then this is the one you want to get, it’s the most common and most treatable out of all the leukemia’s and as much as oncologists ” can’t ” say that I’m cured from this they pretty much say ( in your ear ) that you’re cured. Now with that said, every Dr, Oncologist and Cardioligist all agree that this is not the cause of my palps, could it be from the chemo ? Yes possibly but I was diagnosed with CLL in April 2016, the palps started in December 2015 and I did the chemo in May 2016 so you see it doesn’t match up.

The ONLY relief I get from the palps is when I take Magnesium Citrate, I tried Magnesium Taurate ( which they say is more for the heart ) but I’ve noticed that the Citrate works a lot better. Ok so you’re saying why are you on here then, just take the Mag.Citrate right ? Well there’s a problem, when you take Mag.Citrate on a regular basis you literally have to run to the restroom like 10 to 15 times a day, and when I say run I mean RUN !!!!! From what my last cardiologist said ” They give Mag Citrate to people who are about to have a colonoscopy to clean them out ” and trust me I believe him. So my question is does anyone know what else I can do to alleviate these palps without running to the restroom all day long ? My quality of life has sunk, I either have palps so bad that I can’t enjoy life or I’m running to the restroom every half hour, I don’t know which one is worse. I’ve also tried taking potassium and CoQ10, neither works or am I not taking the right dosage ?

Lastly, does anyone have any knowledge of the ” Vagus Nerve ” ? It’s a nerve that pretty much connects your heart to other parts of the body and I’m thinking when the bad palps hit me it’s ” short circuiting ” the Vagus Nerve and that’s what makes me light headed. Any help would be greatly appreciated folks. I’m thinking that with the right supplements I can live with this, but what are the right ones and the right dosage ?


Mikey P

I remember getting my first palps when I crashed my bicycle at maybe 9 years old. I have lived with them on and off ever since. To make a long story short I have used every type of magnesium know to man and for the most part they do help. I am getting ready to retire in July 2019 and wife and I are moving to florida. We went to visit friends a few weeks ago and the palps started again with a vengeance. Its been daily now for 3 weeks! Im back to trying different mags and some actually make it worse! I saw a dr. on youtube say that they can be electrolyte levels so I picked up some Gatorade and they got worse? Today I tried Mag. Taurate and they got worse? I do go to the gym often and luckily they don't bother me too much when exercising, But there have been times when I get them at the gym I just stop and go home. There has to be a reason for these life stalling bumps in the chest. Still in search of..
I had colonoscopy and throat camera at age 55 and ever since then I started getting Chest Pains, some minor some harder. Dr said I have hiatal hernia? Its never bothered me and I rarely get heartburn? I have had 3-4 stress tests in my life and actually told Dr as they were occurring on the machine and he looked at me as if it was impossible to detect. I feel every little bump and he circled as I told him. he said PVC's just ignore which I do for the most part.

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