Seizures/how to dose CBD/medical marijuana

Posted by keeg1010 @keeg1010, Aug 9, 2021

Hi. My son has cerebral palsy, autism, and recently developed seizures. His neurologist increased his lamotrigine but wants him to start cbd/medical marijuana. I had an appt to get his medical marijuana card but cancelled because they told me the doctor only approves the card and does not go over dosing. He is 23, 190lbs. We are in the process of weaning him off his Buspar (he took 45mg twice a day) and he's down to 15mg once daily for this week and then we stop. I did try a CBD gummy a while back (5mg) but I think it was too much on top of the Buspar and Abilify he takes. How do I know what dose to try and do I try just CBD or THC or both?

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Hello, Everyone,
FYI: There is a free neuro mag called BRAIN AND LIFE. I discovered it many years ago while waiting in Caleb's neurologist's office. I get a hard copy through the mail and also the e-mail version.It has lots of ads (which is why it's free), but also very good articles on various neuro problems, including epilepsy. I believe that the e-mail address is: BrainandLife. org. and that the phone number for subscriptions is: 1-800-422-2681.
Best wishes!
Pam Stewart

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Thanks for the information! I will definitely request the magazine.


Hi Everybody!
Hope this message finds you all well!
Yesterday, I had an appointment with my epileptologist, asking him why he does not prescribe THC for his patients with epilepsy. He has explained that studies on medical cannabis started in the seventies. At that time, studies have shown that THC had convulsive effects, a belief still in force. The studies that have been performed thereafter were mainly on pure CBD, showing that this cannabinoid is secure for epilepsy treatment. However, there is still a need for more studies on THC to prove it is secure as well.
Wishing you all a nice weekend!

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