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seeking counselor

Posted by @timothy in Mental Health, Apr 18, 2012

I am a male seeking a mental health counselor. Does the effectiveness of counseling matter if I choose a male or female counselor? I am suffering from grief, loss, loneliness, and depression.

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Posted by @piglit, Apr 18, 2012

HI Timothy wellcome we have a good support group here. I feel personally that it doesn't matter with the counselor as long as you feel comfortable to talk to them Take care Talk soon Piglit

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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 19, 2012

Hi Timothy,
The gender of the counselor does not mean the efficacy nor quality will be impacted negatively. Depending on insurance one may not have a choice depending on availability. However, it does not hurt to specify what your preference is.
Welcome to the community and I hope you find the right treater. Remember, it's your treatment so if you are assigned someone who you feel you cannot establish a good foundation to begin your recovery process it's ok to request someone else.
Patients have rights ....

Posted by Anonymous-3f367f8c, May 8, 2012

Well, it may make a difference. My friend said that she went to a counselor from a different culture than hers and the Counselor told her that her (counselor's) experiences in life were different and therefore different way of counseling. Live and Learn....


Posted by @bettyann, Apr 22, 2012

Both Roxie and Piglet spoke what is most comfortable YOU feel. Just be really honest with yourself about how you feel ... I do hope you will have a choice. You are to be applauded for seeking counseling and wanting to really help yourself! Good for you.

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Posted by @marine978, May 14, 2012

i am not Physician, however,someone may say read a book, how to be your own best friend, all the medicine in the world wont fix personal issues, no job, being 56 no money, Think of good times only you cherished with loved one, wife, or other, if utlilizing counselor, relate to someone you are comfortable with. i dont have anyone that i have anything in common with. i only have God

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