Scratchy voice due to seasonal allergy

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My daughter is 4 yr old and she have scratchy voice and small tiny red dots around her eye. It started 4 weeks back when spring starts. We are in madison Wisconsin. We consulted her paediatrician they said due to postnasal drip due to allergies and citrizen for 2 weeks. We completed the dose. BUT still her voice didnt change and it worsens too on some days.

Please clarify the below queries.

1. Will it go away on own once season changed .
2. Do I need to consult any allergy specialist or ENT specialist for this one.
3. Can Allegra medicine helps to cure this

Really much worried abt her voice.please help

Seasonal allergies are,common,including in children. Usually we refer to allergies as being managed or controlled, not cured.
Most children at age 4 can safely take antihistamines under the direction of the pediatrician, including benadryl, cetirizine or Allegra throughout the allergy season.
A scratchy voice is common with postnatal drip and allergic rhinitis, and should clear when whatever she is allergic to ends. If it becomes too difficult to accept, consulting an allergist for the exact source of her problem would be warranted, however many would consider her a bit young for testing.
We have been dealing with this for 4 generations in my family, and while it is annoying, especially to the sufferer, it is not dangerous or life-threatening.

A little detective work by you may help determine her worst triggers so she can avoid them, the most common seasonal problems are tree pollen, grass, and mold. Other common triggers are house dust, house pets with feathers or fur, and foods. A good HEPA air filter and keeping doors and windows closed can help a lot. Don't avoid having her play out in fresh air, but have her shower or bathe and wash hair before bed to get rid of pollen that might irritate.



I will be 70 in a couple of months. I have had year-round allergies ever since I can remember. My children have seasonal allergies and my son skin allergies as I do.

As Sue said there is no cure.. just try to keep the symptoms under control.

At 4 years old she may be too young to gargle with warm salty water. You could try and teach her how… but do not get upset if she is not able to do it. Also you can try doing a saline rinse with a bottle or a neti pot (I have a friend who has done this with his children since they were one. I suggest over a sink or the tub… it can get wet) .. there are also saline sprays. Saline will help rinse the allergens out of the nasal passages and keep them moist.. and some of the post nasal drip from going into her throat. Warm liquids will help soothe her throat. When my daughter was 10 she warmed lemon koolaid in the microwave and it helped her. Your daughter might like real lemonade, tea or broth.

Everyone is different… Allegra does nothing for me, but works great for others. There is a recommended minimum age for certain medications. Talk to your doctor … or pharmacist if buying over the counter … about medications appropriate for her symptoms and age.

My granddaughter was allergic to most every formula and breast milk when she was born. She had to have a special, expensive, awful smelling formula to drink. She finally got over that allergy after about a year. Infants can be tested for food allergies.. not sure about what age airborne ones.

Has your daughter ever had these symptoms before? Has her diet changed recently? Have you brought flowers or plants into the home recently? Have you changed laundry detergents or fabric softeners. .. or air fresheners? Has anyone changed deodorants or colognes, etc?

My son and I cannot use perfumed detergent and fabric softeners. … nor bath soaps. I have learned that vinegar and washing (baking) soda are great fabric softeners. Vinegar is my main cleaner for the house.

When we brought our son home from the hospital after he was born in 1972 we had him in a portable crib.. we lived in a small house trailer. The crib was placed under a window. He got so stuffy he could barely breathe. By time we got him to the doctor he was fine. The curtains were dusty. My husband cleaned them… and all was good.

I wear a dust mask when I am outside during a bad bout of allergies. I wear a hat to keep the pollen off my hair. I rinse my face and arms when I come back inside.

All will be fine… just figure out what works best for her symptoms. … that said.. If your daughter starts running a fever call or take her back to the doctor. It rarely happens but a sinus infection or infection of the larynx can come about with allergies.


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