Scheduled for a Vermilionectomy for premalignant lip tissue

Posted by mizlynnie @mizlynnie, Dec 17, 2022

Scheduled for a Vermillionectomy in mid Jan 2023 to remove premalignant lower lip tissue.
Maybe someone with experience can share tips for healing / recovery?

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Hi Marsha –
To answer your question: the doc is a dermatologist, and good question about the post-procedure meds. I bought Boost, bone broths, fruit juices, etc. to sip through a straw. Might have to crush the pills and mix with liquid. Oh, and face masks. Might need a few of them. Don't want to scare the neighbors! :-))

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Hi Lynne,
Thanks again. The high protein Boost is an excellent idea along with the broths. I was able to sip through a straw after this 2-week chemotherapeutic treatment, even though the inflammation/reaction covered all of the lower lip. Crushing pills is a good idea, too.
I had to wear a face mask 😷 & no one batted an eye.
(my lip had blisters & was all swollen up, so I didn’t want to scare young children & our neighbors either!)


So glad to find this thread. I've been dealing with my lower lip, as well. I am currently using Flurouracil cream. Biopsy showed my whole lower lip is precancerous. I have had one melanoma but no SCC on my skin. Please keep updating for those of us following behind!

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