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So glad to find this thread. I've been dealing with my lower lip, as well. I am currently using Flurouracil cream. Biopsy showed my whole lower lip is precancerous. I have had one melanoma but no SCC on my skin. Please keep updating for those of us following behind!

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@di341, apologies for the late reply. I'm tagging @marshaj and @mizlynnie join me in welcoming you.

Di, what treatment, if any, is being recommended for you at this point?

Marsha and Lynn, any updates?

Hi there!

I had a non-healing lower lip lesion for months. The dentist sent me to the oral surgeon who did a biopsy. They were both surprised when it wasn't SCC.
Next, I went to the dermatologist who performed laser surgery (2/24) for pre-malignant actinic cheilitis on the lower lip (looked like raw meat, but healed nicely). Also, went to the ENT as I had a bulge under the tongue. The ENT said its nothing.
I'd like to say all is well, however, my lower lip at the site of the biopsy is now ulcerating on the inside of the mouth. I'm in no pain and after having spent 6 months running from one doc to another, I'm just going to wait and decide what to do next. The good news is: I can now wear lipstick. 🙂
Good luck to you whatever treatment you and your doc decide on. Good that you are on top of it.
Best Wishes,

Did the biosy leave a scar
and how long to heal?
Was the biopsy done with a needle or a scalpel.
If it was a scalpel how much did they cut off?
I am dealing with small sores on my lip that don't seem to heal.
Anything u can tell me would be appreciated.