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Was the laser that was used a CO2 laser? If not do u know what it was?
I went to dermatologist
for tiny breaks In the skin
On my lip. He doesn't
Know if it is actinic chellitis
OR NOT and suggested doing nothing. I am worried because it is obvious something is wrong and not improving.
When u had your biopsy how was that done and how long was it supposed to take to heal?
Anything u can tell me would be tremendously
Thank u

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Hi there,
Sorry that you're having lip problems. It's disconcerting and worrying when you don't know the cause.
My dermatologist said I had severe actinic cheilitis. (I would hope yours could recognize that condition).
I don't know what type of laser the dermatologist used on me. It wasn't too bad and only a 45 minute procedure. Healing took about three weeks.
Prior to that, the biopsy was performed by an oral surgeon under local anesthesia. Using a scalpel, he cut out a chunk of flesh. He put in a few stitches which were painless. It also took about three weeks to heal. The biopsy scar is jagged but hardly noticeable.
Unfortunately for me, at the site of the lip lesion, the skin inside the mouth is now ulcerated. Oh well. This will be my new challenge.
Sending best wishes your way for some good treatment options and a healthy outcome.
Best Wishes