Saline nebulized inhalation

Posted by thumperguy @thumperguy, Dec 21, 2019

Rx’d. 0.9%,3 mL. If three is good might five be even “gooder?” I can get it in 5 mL doses. Any reason not to go for it?

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Hi, is it 7% 3 or 5 ml. I am looking and there are 3, 5, and 7 ml vials on Amazon

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The vials of 7% that I buy at Walgreens with a goodrx coupon have always been 4ml.


Oh thank you for telling me


My pulmo never suggested a session with a respiratory therapist but the last time I had a scheduled sputum inducing, unsuccesful unfortunately- I do not produce- I simply asked him to show how to use properly aerobica and how to do the huff cough. He was very understanding and practiced with me. So ask, we have to ask so often

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