Resting heart rate

Posted by shellbinkert @shellbinkert, Apr 25, 2023

Am 52 my resting pulse rate is in the 70s or 80s. Some say that's high some say it's fine. So what is it good or bad. So confused 🤔

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High normal.

Normal resting heart rates are as follows:

Adults (18 years and older): 60 to 100 BPM
Children (6 to 15 years): 70 to 100 BPM


Hi @shellbinkert, My resting heart rate is normally in the 70 to 80 range also but I'm 79 and real close to 80. I don't think I ever thought about it at your age. I think it's great to want to know more about your health. Here's some information that may clear it up some for you.

"A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. For example, a well-trained athlete might have a normal resting heart rate closer to 40 beats per minute."
--- What's a normal resting heart rate?:

--- Mayo Clinic Q and A: Know your heart health numbers:

Do you have any other heart related symptoms that brought about your question?


There is wide variance in HR from person-to-person. Some are more physically fit and active, and my cycle or run, or play hockey, etc, and their HR while seated for a while might dip to 45 BPM. When I was in my 30's and a competitive runner, my waking HR each morning when I wasn't coming down with something was near 35 BPM. Officially, that is well below the 50 BPM mark where a person is considered to be in bradycardia (slow heart rate). But once a physician learns of your physical abilities and practices, she'll shrug off the 45 or lower BPM.

Some cardiologists think 100 BPM is too high for the upper limit of 'normal'. They'd prefer 90. Even if it were arguably 85, you're still well within the 'normal' range at your HR. BTW, I am post ablation for atrial fibrillation. My resting HR is now 65-75. Seems high to me as well, but that's what I have left. As long as it's normal sinus rhythm, I'll take it over the nightmarish atrial fibrillation.


Thank you for info, glad ur feeling better.

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