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Recovery from Heart Disease

Posted by @bettyp in Heart & Blood Health, Aug 15, 2012

I know my circumstances are kind of rare - I had Cardiomyopathy that was reversible, after a ventricular ablation. My heart function is good, for the first time in probably 4 years or so. I feel so much better, but feel changed. I don't have the stamina I used to - and don't really feel I can do a full-time job anymore. I think maybe it will take some time to regain strength and stamina after my body was working at such a diminished capacity for several years.

Anyone else out there had heart surgery that greatly increased your heart function, but found it hard or slow to regain what you'd lost? How long does it take? Any tips on how to regain overall health, or does it never quite come back again? I'm almost 59 - maybe part of this is just normal aging - I don't quite know what to think about it.

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Posted by @fishinglady, Sep 2, 2012

I had the same thing. I am working a full time job. I went back to work and it was hard at first but the more I did it the better it got. I just had sugrey last year in may. I walk around and get excersie. It does take time. but if you went back to work and did the same thing everyday helps.


Posted by @bettyp, Sep 3, 2012

Thanks for the encouragement. I've gone back to work, though not ready for full time yet, and am trying to exercise a bit more every day - I walk daily and try to walk a little faster and a little farther. Also beginning to do some light weights. It is really good to know that it just takes a little time and effort. I am hoping for a full recovery, and it helps to know that you experienced this!


Posted by @ledped, Sep 4, 2012

Thank both of you ladies for your encouragement. My husband was diagnosed with cardiomegaly 2 years ago. Since that time, he has had no stamina to do anything. He is depressed all the time and his personality has changed. He sees nothing positive anymore. A friend of mine told me he would never change and that he can't help it. Sounds to me like he can. I just need to have more faith.


Posted by @bettyp, Sep 4, 2012

I actually sought counseling after experiencing a lot of the feelings your husband is going through, and it was very helpful. Adjusting to a different "self" is really hard, and involves a grieving process. I know a lot of people don't feel comfortable with the idea of counseling, but only a few sessions meant a lot to me. I hope your husband is able to find some kind of medical intervention for his condition, I was very lucky that the cause of my cardiomyopathy was "fixable", I don't know if that is possible for your husband. During the time that I was experiencing lowest heart function, I adopted an older dog and started walking him every day - he kinda' saved me, I think. Walking was a way to stay healthier, get out of the house, enjoy my surroundings and also enjoy being able to offer a daily experience for the little guy I adopted that he looked forward to every day. It was a very healing thing for me. I know each of us needs to find our own path to some sort of acceptance and healing of our spirit, when dealing with such a huge thing. My deepest wishes for healing for you husband and for you, too - I know my family went through some very difficult times while I was so sick.


Posted by @fishinglady, Sep 16, 2012

Well hope everthing is better now and he is getting out more now with other peoples hellp.


Posted by @raderdude, Oct 15, 2012

I was 47 when in Jan of this year I went into V Tach with blocked arterys. I had to be shocked 3x while at work,I thank god I was at work and not home with my 10yr old daughter. I also fell face first while my heart stopped and had broken bones in my face.
I find my self having a harder time dealing with my broken bones I suffered than the heart problems. I went back to work 6 weeks later(too soon I found out) and in July my defribulator fired off 2x while at the gym. Turns out I had another artery that was 25% blocked in Jan to 95% blocked in July.
It was a huge set back,I thought I was making progress doing more and more. It was hard to deal with,I knew I had changed and my wife and daughter knew I had changed. I do know that after almost dying(sp) twice your outlook on life will be different !
Your husband will change,it will be a slow process. Is he seeing a therapist ? I started seeing one and she has me understanding things a lot better. If you can get him to one,you need to go with him once and a while.

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