Heart blockage options

Posted by jacks4 @jacks4, Feb 19, 2016

Recently found out that my heart blockages can not be opened or assisted by stents. Can you assist me with the options I have at this cross road? I am in my late 70 “s .

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Hi @jacks4, and welcome to Connect!

I found an article from Mayo Clinic that explores various options for patients with blockages that you may find helpful: http://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/treatment-options-should-be-carefully-considered-for-blocked-carotid-arteries.

What other options has your cardiologist mentioned?


Will meet with them thur next week . I will look at the link now. thanks regards


Hi Jack – I’m tagging @HeartPatches and @twptrustrek on this discussion.

@jacks4‘s heart blockages cannot be opened or assisted by stents. What questions should he ask his cardiologist at his upcoming appointment on Thursday?

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Hi @jacks4,
The options would definitely need to be provided to you by your provider. The main things I would wonder and want them to go over are definitely the risks to you and are there others that have gone through the procedure who are close to your age and the success rate they have had. Everyone is different going into a procedure, but only you and your provider can decide which is best for you. Another question is how urgent a procedure needs to be done.
I will be thinking of you and praying for you.

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