Randomly Collapsing

Posted by kokododo @kokododo, May 8, 2021

I'm 20 and I'm healthy, but when I got out of bed, I walked to the door and just fell down, I didn't catch myself and my head hit the floor, but I'm not hurt, I just collapsed

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Hello @kokododo and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This is obviously concerning and am glad to hear you don't feel you were hurt in your fall, however, I have a few questions in order to help find members who can share their experiences with you.

Does this collapsing/fainting concern you? Are you a male or female? Did you blackout or just collapse?



Welcome to Connect.

We need a bit more information to help you find answers.

Did you feel dizzy or the world or you spinning before you collapsed?
or Did it feel like your knees or hips just give out?

Could you have been dehydrated?

Do you have any autoimmune diseases?

Are you diabetic?

Do you have a high or low blood pressure condition?

Do you have heart problems?

Anything else like neck or back problems?
Anything with ears or sinuses going on?

Many things can cause one to collapse and we would like to help you figure it out. I know how it feels to just collapse for what seemed like no reason.


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