What are the best supplements to help prevent BPH/prostate cancer?

Posted by cfbauer @cfbauer, Sep 1, 2022

There are so many opinions out there on the web about which is the best supplement to help prevent BPH/prostate cancer. What are the key ingredients to look for? Thank you

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When I was 58 I had a pet scan which revealed a enlarge prostate tried all kinds of supplements no good. Get up around every 20 minutes for around 4 hrs every night, at the dentist I had to go to restroom 4 times well they worked on my mouth. Now I’m 69 and going in for surgery to open things back up.
Has anyone out there done this

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Best of luck


I'd like to find a supplement solution to avoid surgery


My prostate is enlarged at 57 yrs old, its a size of a golf ball, don't know if that's good or bad, it is affecting my bladder, I do have issues urinating, painful, drip drip drip issues, not emptying bladder, goin 5, 6 times in an HR, what would b the best way to get prostate smaller, away from bladder, do,t want surgery, too many side effects, complications after surgery, I also was diagnosed with Herpes 2, was told that could b my urinateing issues..where to turn...

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When I was 59 had a pet scan total body looking for cancer
The report came back I had an enlarged prostate tried lots of medication had mainly a fish diet rode a bike 5 to 15 miles at least 5 days a week. Finally at 69 and getting up 10 To 12 times a night I had the surgery done (11/22/2023 what a difference now I sleep 6 hrs without having to get up one night few times I did 8 hrs so nice. The only side effects is sometimes when I hug my wife I have a few drips ( she still excites me) the only other thing is during sex nothing comes out the pleasures and sensitive is still there in another word all the fun and none of the mess


I have used saw palmetto for 15 years. It does decrease the androgen effect
on our prostate. It has a slight offsetting decrease in PSA levels so inform your
physician when you get tested.


I have previously posted a reference to Ultra Prostate Formula by Life Extension ( you can Google life extension) to reach their site. I have tried numerous prostate supplements over the years and have settled upon this as being the very best. It contains numerous studied supplements including saw palmetto. If I go a couple of days without it I start having issues with urination, particularly night. I have recommended this to numerous friends and each and every one has continued to take it after giving it a try, with good results. I suggest this. It is approximately $28 per bottle but you can lower the cost by purchasing4 for at the time and even further by 10 at the time, however I suggest you try one bottle first and see how it does for you.

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