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'PINK SLIME' Data Base

Posted by @windwalker, Jul 26, 2017

Dear Connect Members,

Remember the poll I started about who has the ‘pink slime’ AKA Methylobacterium in their bathrooms? I have been in contact with Joseph Falkinham, a NTM reseacher and professor at Virginia Tech. He is very interested in starting a data base for where this particular bacterium is located throughout the U.S. and Canada. I have noted the locales from those of you who have already responded. Am encouraging any others with the pinkish/orange bacteria to report it back here to me. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to be a part of important research.
Please include your state and county name when submitting. Thank you in advance for helping with this poll. See e-mail below from Dr. Falkinham – Terri M.

“Dear Terri:

The source of mycobacteria in homes and buildings is the municipal water from a utility. It enters the treatment plant from the source water, usually adhering to soil particulates. The mycobacteria are disinfectant-resistant and are the few survivors of disinfection (e.g., chlorine) and have no competitors that have been killed off.

When that water reaches our homes, the mycobacteria grow in the water heaters and then are circulated throughout the house. We are currently finishing up work showing the impact of the water heater on mycobacterial numbers. Thus, the critical control point for mycobacteria might be the water heater.

I would certainly appreaciate knowing where the “Connect” group has found pink slime. You have given me an idea….I can use the NTM Foundation data base to get an idea of pink slime across the US and Canada.



This is amazing, Terri!
Thank you for reaching out to Dr. Falkinham. I think @tdrell @lindam272 @ling123 @irene5 @128128terry11t will be equally excited about being part of this research. I hope others will raise their hand if they have seen the “pink slime” methylobacterium in their homes. Great work!

Colleen, I know that Terri @tdrell has already responded that she has it in her home.

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@windwalker Terri, I’m in Dane County, Wisconsin. Besides the pinkish water rings in our toilets that I mentioned to you before, I just noticed pink residue on the white plastic cap on the bottle that I keep in my car and refill with tap water.

Ling123… I recall u live in Madison…is that considered SE Wisconsin??tdrell

@tdrell Madison is in Dane County. I think it is supposed to be in south central Wisconsin.

If I post here about the pink-slime will it get to Dr Falkinham? We have it also. We are on a well. Lexington, SC. Jan


If I post here about the pink-slime will it get to Dr Falkinham? We have it also. We are on a well. Lexington, SC. Jan

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Yes Jan. I will send yours as well. Thank you.

I have the pink slime. It appears on the bottom of my shower curtains.

I failed to mention that I live in Alexandria, Virginia.

I was recently at a friend’s house in Prattville Alabama. The pink slime was in the toilets.

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