Peripheral vascular disease

Posted by charlena @charlena, Nov 6, 2017

Good morning. Has anyone had stints placed in their legs due to peripheral vascular disease? If so, I would appreciate hearing about your journey. Thank you!

There was a recent national news article saying that stents didn’t relieve pain when placed in hearts, so you might want to check that. With enough exercise, and regularly, it is possible for PAD to abate or even go away — depending on severity, probably — because the body reroutes the flow through smaller or different arteries. This happened to me, and I’m very glad, of course.

Thank you for your reply @soloact. I am wondering- did you have to have any surgeries on your veins to reroute flow?

No. I think it’s how the body compensates, just as brains find ways of compensating when there’s an injury. However, my doctor was skeptical, and my case might have been mild. I’m 100% convinced that’s why I stopped having the claudication that I’d had for nearly a year, though. I had it only after I’d been walking for a while, usually, but occasionally only after being in a big store for not very long, like a grocery store, and needed help out. I started walking more, as I could, and kept at it.

Thank you for sharing. Obviously, every case is different and my husband has other issues that most likely play into this issue as well. I just get a really odd, not good feeling about this when talking with the cardiologist’s nurse as she more or less talks around the issue. My husband has excellent doctors at Emory and Vanderbilt, whom we have a lot of confidence in. Most likely, he will have opinions from three vascular surgeons. Thank you, again, for your response.

It sounds like my situation was much less severe, so definitely go by what the doctors say.

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