Does anyone have any experience with a percussion vest?

Posted by gj53 @gj53, Oct 10, 2019

Does anyone have any experience with a percussion vest? I could not tolerate an albuterol nebulizer so this is the next step he has recommended. However, the co-payment is pretty hefty and would like to have some feedback before investing in this. I did have a bad cough that is improved, however, am unable to produce any sputum and he said this will loosen the secretions in my chest. Thanks so much.

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I have been using the SmartVest (air compressor type) for about a year. I got a pulmonologist order for it and my insurance is paying most of it. I make a small monthly copay. The compressor is heavy but it comes in a case on wheels (like a carry on piece of luggage). I use it for 15 to 20+ minutes 1 time a day when after I do the levalbuterol and saline. It does help with getting some of the DEEP mucus up. I can sometimes tell that I can take a deeper breath after using it.
I would not have it, if insurance was not paying for it. It cost as much as my used car!!!

Can someone post the link with pictures of the Afflovest?

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Thank you for the info. …and I agree, vests are expensive and I am grateful for insurance!


Yes, my doctor prescribed my vest and insurance has provided coverage. I pay a small amount.
I don't know all the criteria needed for insurance to cover; my medical team coordinated with insurance and the vest company. I can say it took many weeks between the order and approval/delivery.
I also use nebulized albuterol and saline in conjunction with my vest. I am lucky that I tolerate all well. I hope your meds can be adjusted so you feel better and I hope you are able to get a vest with insurance coverage. Good Luck!

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Thank you!

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