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Posted by gj53 @gj53, Oct 10, 2019

Does anyone have any experience with a percussion vest? I could not tolerate an albuterol nebulizer so this is the next step he has recommended. However, the co-payment is pretty hefty and would like to have some feedback before investing in this. I did have a bad cough that is improved, however, am unable to produce any sputum and he said this will loosen the secretions in my chest. Thanks so much.

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That sounds just like me! I would have been on the way to the doctor's office! I feel so much better after I nebulize saline. I didn't start doing it until I got on this site. My doctor was all for it! I just picked up 3 boxes today at the pharmacy.

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@tinaesims, Yay!!!! It makes me so happy when I get feedback from our members that they got something good out of being on this site. I too, feel so much better after nebulizing the saline. I am about to hit the road for Virginia for the holidays to hang with my daughter. I hope you enjoy the holidays ahead. Hugs!


@windwalker Hi, I hope you can advise me please. In the first 6 months of this year I was ill with lots of symptoms, lots of coughing and large amount of phlegm, weight loss, fatigue etc. I had +ve sputum cultures for mycobacterium chimaera in 3 out of four samples. My CT scan showed a very small nodule (5mm) and my lungs have no scarring or signs of damage or bronchiectasis. I have a repeat CT scan scheduled in Jan 2020.
I am feeling much better though in the last two months. The thing is my only symptom now is a dry persistent cough and I don’t produce any phlegm.
My last appointment with my respiratory consultants in November would have been an assessment to see whether I need to start the long term antibiotics treatment. They say since my symptoms have improved they would advise to put that on hold until a review after my next CT scan.
Is the symptoms I described normal? I’m still coughing persistently. Should I be worried? I have asthma but it has been under control for 20 years and I have not had the need to use my inhalers very often. I’m not wheezing and not breathless. Thank you everyone for an excellent site. Very glad I’m connected here. All best wishes to all of you.

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