Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Posted by jojo13 @jojo13, Sep 13, 2021

Hello. I am hoping for some help. I have had pain for years from Endometriosis. After 4 laparoscopies and an ovarin torsion surgery I finally flew out to GA to have a hysterectomy from a specialist. I also had my tubes out, uterus and one ovary removed- I am only 41 so we kept one to prevent menopause. It has been a few months since my procedure (March) and I am having pain again. I was told to do pelvic floor therapy to help. I did go once but I did not feel very comfortable with the doctor or the location so I didn't go back. Unfortunately there is little to no one that does this near me. I am just wondering if anyone has had this therapy and if it helps or not. I did buy the wand to try and use at home but I am honestly not sure what I am doing! I just know I am frustrated to be in pain again. I appreciate any guidance. Thank you!

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@jojo13 I can imagine this has been a long journey for you. Feeling comfortable with your doctor and location you are receiving therapy is very important.

I do not know where you are located, however, I thought I would share some information on another care option provided in MN at Mayo Clinic.

– Mayo Clinic Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Program in Minnesota:
Is this something that would be of interest to you?



I have always done the exercises on my own. I have never used a wand. It is not hard to find the correct muscles to do Kegel exercises. Here is a site that will give you an idea of exercises you can do on your own. You will find more on websites and youtube by searching for Pelvic Floor Exercises.
Despite my care in doing these exercises I still had to have vaginal wall repair this year.. . my bladder fell (and that is uncomfortable). I had a hysterectomy in 1997 and just because of that and my age.. 70 .. the vaginal wall collapsed. I had the repair Aug 02 and I am back to a normal. I have no urine leakage now.

I mostly had pain in my very low back and after surgery various bruising and feeling of muscle strain. I started off slow with the exercises. First stopping the flow of urine to get the feel of the muscles. Then the Kegel exercises. I did too many one day and wound up hurting more (learn from my mistake and do not do too many).. so took a couple of days off from them and started again and went on to the bridge and a couple of others not mentioned at the website,



First you need to determine if it 1) pelvic floor dysfunction or 2) endometriosis. As long as you have one functioning ovary, your body can still increase the size if you have remaining endo cysts monthly and then allow them to bleed like an internal period. I know, because I finally had my remain lady part removed before my 31 st birthday due to cycling (endo) pain.
I was not able to take replacement hormones without the endo and pain being stimulated again. I do use nickel sized damb of estrogen cream a couple times a week to keep my lady parts supple and avoid bladder issues. After 32 years of this (careful to exercise several times a week) – I have very mild bone loss, no heart issues, and a regular (if less frequent) sex life – so it is OK.
I can attest to the excellence of the pelvic floor program at the Mayo in JAX. I was horrified when I thought the endo had returned from the dabs of estrogen about 10 years later. I do have some pelvic floor dysfunction from all the surgeries (10) and adhesions, but I manage them myself after about 6 training sessions.
There is life after endo, and menopause… rather enjoying 32 years of stable moods ☺️ and no endo pain!

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