EDS/HSD and Pelvic Health

Aug 16, 2021 | Samantha Campbell | @samanthacmaa


“Pelvic health” refers to the health of the body parts that are “below the belt” in both women and men. This includes the bladder and bowel, the sexual organs, and the structures of the pelvis including the pelvic floor bones, joints, nerves, and muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles located deep inside the pelvis, and they help to support and control the bowel, bladder, genitals, and the pelvic girdle. Having good pelvic health means having good pelvic floor muscle function, good control over your bowel and bladder, good sexual health, and no problems with pain in the area.

People with EDS/HSD, especially women, have an increased risk of experiencing pelvic health problems. They have a higher rate of problems like urine leakage and constipation, and they are more likely to have problems with pain in the pelvic region. The good news is that we can provide solutions to improve your pelvic health! Pelvic physical therapy (PT) is provided by Doctors of Physical Therapy with highly specialized training and skills to diagnose and treat pelvic health problems. You don’t have to suffer with pelvic health problems. Pelvic PT treatment can improve bladder control, improve bowel control, improve sexual function, and reduce or eliminate pain in the pelvic region.

Author: Cindy Neville

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