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Posted by @tumblen, Nov 14, 2011

I was diagnosed with PCOS about six months ago, I’m only 24 but the more I read to get informed on what I’m up against I just shut down. I’m not huge into doctors and all the medical stuff. My family has all used mid wife’s and what not my whole life . I guess you could say we are a all natural family. Anyway the more I read about PCOS the more I wonder if there is a chance for me to get pregnant without doing the different hormones? I don’t know I guess I’m kind of stuck and I dont know what the next step is?? Any suggestions



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Posted by @anon34166571, Feb 10, 2012

I just was informed that I may have pcos. I have cysts on my uterus, but not the other symptoms. I have been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully. Maybe this was the reason why. Anyone one have pcos and finally got pregnant?


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Posted by @undiagnosed3, Feb 11, 2012

I’ve heard of sooo many women that get pregnant being diagnosed with pcos. I too was diagnosed with pcos about 4 years ago. I’ve been suffering from daily headaches for 10 years so I tried getting off my birth control pill. I then started breaking out like crazy (on my face and body), missing periods, growing hair where I shouldn’t be and had pelvic pain. I had blood testing that showed I had too much male hormone which is one of the signs and an internal and external ultrasound which showed a ton of cysts on each ovary. My gyno did say it would be hard for me to get prego and might not but there’s always fertility options. If your only symptom are the actual cysts, I think you should have a lot of hope. One of my coworkers was told she had pcos, was 41 years old AND got prego so I know you can.

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