pain with sleep apnea

Posted by happyat76 @happyat76, Mar 24, 2019

I have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea and am going this Tuesday to get an EPAP machine. I don't know anything about it, but am willing to try it.
I am writing this because I have for over two years been suffering with pain in my breastbone, which goes up into my chest and at times down into my stomach. It is not related to my stomach or my heart. I have had all of these checked out by specialists. The sleep Dr. told me the other day that it could be the muscles that are joined to the ribcage, diaphragm and breastbone that are hurting me. He said it may improve with the new breathing machine. I was wondering if anyone else here has ever had this problem. Please let me know your thoughts on this and thank you very much.

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Dean –
I posted some things that may (or may not) be helpful in the topic "Wake up with a "cold " every morning using CPAP".

BTW – I understand the disrupted sleep due to injury and pain. I had shoulder surgery of my left to fix a torn labrum and remove arthritic spurs around the AC joint where the shoulder attaches to the collarbone. When the left is fully recovered, I get to do the same thing on the right shoulder.

All the best to you.

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Ouch. Just reading the word larum makes me flinch. I think I have spurs in my elbow but unfortunately, because this was a work injury it's taking forever to get authorization for another MRI.


Happy@76 has the machine helped your pain in your chest and stomach?


Happy@76 has the machine helped your pain in your chest and stomach?

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Welcome @momofawesomeson21, I'm not sure @happyat76 is still following Connect since they last posted over a year ago. I have sleep apnea but have not experienced pain like you described. I did find some information on Mayo Clinic's site that I think is describing what you are feeling.


There is another discussion here on Connect that you may want to read through and post questions to other members who have experienced similar symptoms.

— Costochrondritis/ Tietze syndrome
Have you discussed the pain with your primary care or sleep medicine doctor?


It is actually my son who is 20. They told him he had costocondritis as well, but he’s also having stomach issues. They have done a lot of test and can’t really pinpoint anything. He has mild sleep apnea and went to the doctor this morning for that. Just trying to find answers. Thanks for the information.

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