Nitroglycerin, cochicine, diltiazem, lamictal

Posted by beahind @beahind, Apr 28, 2017

Feeling a bit like a walking drug store 🙂
The Cipralex is out of my system so the daily pain is eased considerably but I had another bad episode a week ago. The bad ones are regular as a clock – every two months. The nitro stopped it immediately but two days later my left hand went numb. I went to ER and the internist prescribed Cochicine over the phone. I had some muscle pain relief from the drug but it didn’t stop the pain at night. ECG and blood work negative as always. I had a stress test today, also negative. Internist says that the fact that the Cochicine helped somewhat and the stress test was negative proves that the pain is muskuloskeletal and more Cochicine and time would heal it. ‘Time’ was the prescription two years ago and it’s only gotten worse. I was insistent that it was heart related and he gave me the diltiazem. I’m going to ask for a referral to the cardiologist but where I live that can take awhile. Anybody else out there having trouble getting a diagnosis? I hate taking pills and I think if I had an accurate diagnosis I could minimize the drugs. As an added bonus the pharmacist couldn’t fill the Cochicine prescription right away because the internist had prescribed enough to make me sick. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

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@beahind Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear of the problems you are having with the medicines but I’m glad to read that you are seeking a referral to a cardiologist,that sounds like a good idea . Until then, however, you probably need to phone your doctor’s office and let them know about the problems you are having and ask them for suggestions. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing in resolving this problem. Teresa

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