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Myy name is pink warrior, as I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor. They have been scanning my lungs for two years because of nodules and just confirmed MAC and I think he mentioned bronchiectasis. My pulmonologist does not tell me much. I have not started treatment yet. I did well through chemo, radiation and reconstruction and had hoped to have a rest from the whole ordeal. Now I am finding out MAC is not curable and I will be dealing with it for a long time. Feeling very frustrated and sad. I hope your blog will help me as did so many of the breast cancer blogs. Thank you.


Thanks. I did a bit of reading and saw a few statistics, as reliable as statistics can be, that said that approximately 30% get it back again and those tend to be people who have bronchiecstatis and/or other lung conditions. I have bronchiecstasis so this could be me – very sobering thought.

It is a good thing that I'm learning about this gradually or it would be totally overwhelming.

I guess the best we can do is to do all we can to get through the medication period and build our immune systems, do what we can to keep our lungs healthy and improve overall state of health given that it is almost impossible to avoid sources of MAC in the environment. I always considered myself a healthy person so this changes my perception of healthy as well!

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I couldn’t have said it any better. My feelings exactly and yes it’s a good thing Gradually learning about this disease.

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