Myocardial Bridge: Left arm & chest pain, should I worry?

Posted by boniface48 @boniface48, May 30, 2020

I have a myocardial bridge and am currently suffering left arm and chest pain. Was told this is normal and not to worry. Should I be concerned?

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@boniface48, good to hear from you. @hopeful33250 was asking how you were doing recently in this related discussion:
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I'd also like to bring @raweber @kylewatson, @vorhis66, @gosnell76, @wyveda and @maryd into this discussion to see if they have experience with left arm and chest pain.

Boniface, is this a new symptom for you? When your doctor told it was normal and not to worry, did he/she explain why it happens and what you should or can do? If the chest pain is severe or doesn't go away, I strongly suggest you seek medical attention.


Hello @boniface48, I'm glad that you posted on Connect again. I agree with what @colleenyoung said about inquiring more about this pain. If the doctor says it is not a problem, it would be good to ask what is causing the pain. I'm wondering if you are still taking the same meds that you mentioned previously, Isosorbide dinitrate daily and other blood pressure meds? You might ask if a change in meds might better control the pain.

Please know, boniface48, that it is always your right to seek a second opinion if you do not feel that you are getting adequate responses and/or care from your current medical team.

Have you considered a second opinion at a heart center?

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